I try as hard as i can to stand up and leave my body.

Hi, my name is chanse and im here to tell you about my outer body experience on salvia. It was a warm beautiful day and my friend was like duuuude my neighbor has some 40x Salvia Divinorum lets get trippy. I've done dmt but this experience of blasting off was greater than any dmt blast off. so i gave my friends neighbor 5bucks for a brimmer not knowing what was about to happen.
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I cleared it all exhaled waited a minute and everything went black. Next thing i know im sitting in the chair with a giant angel floating in front of me smiling. There was light illuminating from the angel wrapping around me, but wait its not wrapping around me but im illuminating light to!!! Are lights are touching in the middle with astonishing colors. the angel then tells me to follow with out even talking! but then i ask how i cant move! then i realize im not using my mouth to talk either but we were communicating threw light!!! then angel tells me to leave my body and follow. I dont even question it i try as hard as i can to stand up and leave my body and then i do! my body is sittin there straight up with no emotions or nothing and i realize im not a physical being anymore but i look the same as the angel now and the light is even more beautiful as before.

Then he looks up the sky and is like you ready don't loose me even though we are connected thru the light like we were chained together. then we take off into the sky and we start flying pass all the planets but my attention is still focused on the angel for it was more beautiful than anything in the universe. We then come to a stop and the angel is looking at me like its still happy im there and i didnt get distracted by anything. I was wondering why we stopped over this weird red planet with like a curved red wings and a star and moon in rotation around but i wasnt interested in the planet i dont even now what planet it was i dont think it was a planet of our solar system but the angel seemed pleased i wasnt interested. then he turns around and takes off again but now we are just passing stars and picking up speed. We hit the speed of light or faster becuase the stars are now mile long lines zooming past. then absolutely nothing... but wait there is feelings millions of them im not alone. i can feel all these invisible life forces threw their feelings and they can all feel mine i can feel it. there is no more physical word just an emotional word not one material item exist. these life forces then start communicating with me telling me that my world doesnt really exist and this is real and ths is how its gonna be at the end of time. Even though feelings only exist i was so happy and everything was perfect all the love and warmth going around it was beautiful i wanted to stay forever. but right when i thought that they said i couldnt stay but i would be there soon. then i felt myself being sucked back and all i could think is that i dont wanna go back! then they say but ur not going back ,but i didnt believe them. i got sucked back past all the stars and all the planets but i still didnt look and wonder for i was to upset because i was returning to earth all alone.

then i get sucked back into my body and i was like those motherfuckers lied to me none of that was real!!! im just starring at my feet and realize i still cant move, but then i realize something else im not on earth im just in the chair and my body again im still trippin! nothing exist past my back and i cant move my arms they were at 90 degree angle with my elbows parallel with my shoulders and connected to me we other mes in like the shape of the octagon. but when i tried to look straight ahead at the me in front of me i saw nothing but flashing red and white.Buy Salvia Package Deal then it turns into 3rd person view and its a thousands me connected in swirling patterns. then i go back into the original me. the next thing i know me and all the other mes have layers and we are like rubber and we are being stretched and the pressed together and i can vividly see the different layers in us. then everything goes flashing red and white then solid red. Next thing my friends head comes out the read and his neck is like 30 feet long and is getting all twisted. i think hes going back into the red but his neck just goes back to normal and his body comes out of the red and the world starts coming back into place. i finally realize im in my friends back yard and im like how did we get here?

then several of my other friends start popping up randomly and i start naming them "saying you guys are all here!!!" and it felt like eternity but they said it was like 4 minutes i had been trippin and they then said we had to go inside and i got up almost instantly after the trip and starting walking around to realize there was giant spiders trapped in the ground and the walls of the houses! They later told me i went from normal me to instant drooling and chanting in different languages and i was touching my fingers together and pointing to the palms of my hands. Now none of friends well ever do salvia again but i well i wanna go back to were only the feelings of love and happiness exists :) we'll be there soon anyways well some of us.

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